Motorised Virascreens

Installation Set-up, Programming & Care Instructions

Please read below or view/download/print pdf here

Your box will contain:

1 x Virascreen Clear PVC blind
1 x mounting board and brackets
2 x timber mounting blocks for floating ceiling installation
Toggles and screws (provided for convenience, may not be the most appropriate fittings for your installation)
1 x DC motor with internal rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries
1 x Charger
1 x Remote control

You will need:

  1. A structurally secure surface to mount the Virascreen to. If you are unsure if the structure to be mounted to is sufficiently secure, please consult a builder or competent handyman to ensure the mounting is correct and safe.
  2. Cordless drill and bits.
  3. Basic hand tools.

Charging the motor

The Virascreen will arrive with approximately 70% charge in the rechargeable lithium-ion batteries contained inside the motor. In order to complete the charge, or replenish it when the batteries are depleted, simply plug the supplied charger into the round charging socket on the motor head. When charging, there will be a red light. When fully charged the light will be green. From flat, a full charge will take about 5 hours. Be sure to mark the box the charger comes in, as depending on usage, it may be up to 2 years between charges.

Mounting instructions

  1. Establish the correct mounting position for your Virascreen. If you have trouble working it out, it may help to tape some string to the ends of the bottom bar on the screen and attach a small weight like a nut or washer. This will give you a good idea where the screen will fall if you hold it against the ceiling.
  2. Once the correct position is established, mark the ceiling by pushing a screw through each of the pre-drilled holes, leaving a small dent in the ceiling.
  3. Establish that the surface you are mounting to, or the structure behind it is sufficient to safely hold the Virascreen. If you are unsure, please consult a builder or competent handyman.
  4. Use the screws or toggles provided (if appropriate) to mount the Virascreen to the ceiling. If these items are not appropriate for the mounting area, please use a fixing method that is.
  5. Ensure that the motor is secure to the bracket and level by pressing down on the top of the roll at the motor end. (See image below for locking in the motor end). This may have dislodged during transport.
  6. Ensure that the antenna on the motor is out of the way. See images below for a good method.
  7. Once safely secured, you can move onto motor programming.

You can release and re-install the screen from its brackets prior to installation if required.

To release the screen

First release the pin end
Then release the motor end

to reinstall the screen

First lock in the motor end
Then lock in the pin end

Motor Programming

Step 1. Waking the motor up

When this product first arrives it is totally asleep and cannot be operated. In order to make it operable, plug in the charger for a few seconds until a red light appears on the motor head. The motor is now ready to operate.

The motor should already have a top limit position installed. This is a position that the motor will stop at automatically and the motor will already be at the top limit when it arrives.

Step 2. Setting a bottom limit

There will already be a bottom limit set when the product arrives, and it will be at the Virascreen’s lowest point. If you want the motor to automatically stop at a higher point, then simply move the screen to the desired position and lock in that position as the new bottom limit by doing the following:

Press the rubber button on the back of the remote twice (only twice), then press the down button on the front once. The motor should jiggle and a new limit should be set. Test this new limit by running it up a short distance and then back down again.

3. Setting an intermediate limit

If you wish to set another intermediate limit between the top and bottom limits, say a short distance from the bottom limit to pass things through, simply move the Virascreen to that desired position and stop it. Then press the stop button 4 times in succession, the motor will jiggle and the intermediate limit is set.

To access the intermediate limit, simply hold down the stop button until the screen starts to move (takes about 2 seconds).

4. Additional setup functions

In most circumstances the installation is now complete, however, if you ever need to make adjustments to limits or add extra controllers, the functions below will be useful.

Set upper limit
Press the rubber button on the back of the remote twice, then press up.

Set lower limit
Press the rubber button on the back of the remote twice, then press down

Delete upper limit
Press the rubber button on the back of the remote 4 times, then press down (always set a new limit afterwards)

Delete lower limit
Press the rubber button on the back of the remote 4 times, then press down (always set a new limit afterwards)

Assigning a remote control
Method 1. Hold the existing (working) remote control, and press the rubber button on the back 8 times, then the motor will jiggle. Then within 10 seconds, press the button on the back of the new remote once. The new remote is now assigned.
Method 2. Locate the button on the motor head next to the round charging socket. Tap this button (do not hold it down), the motor will jiggle. Then (within 10 seconds) press the rubber button on the back of the new remote once. The motor will jiggle again and the new remote is assigned.

Changing the running direction of the motor.  (Reversing the up/down buttons)

Locate the button on the motor head next to the round charging socket. Now hold this button down until the motor jiggles. The up and down buttons will now be reversed.


1. Motor not operating

If motor has not operated, it may need waking up. Plug charger into motor head until light comes on and refer to Motor programming above.

If motor has been running previously, it may need recharging. Try plugging in the charger and trying after 10 minutes. If this works allow it to charge until the light turns green. A full charge takes around 5 hours.

The remote control may need a new battery (even if the light comes on) replace the battery. Each remote comes with a spare CR2430 battery in the box. You will need a small Phillips screwdriver to remove the back of the remote. Make sure the rubber button on the back is in position when screwing the back on again.

Try re-assigning the remote control – see Method 2 above.

2. Motor is only moving a small amount at a time

The motor is in step mode. Press the rubber button on the back of the remote once, then press down. The motor should jiggle and then run normally after that.

3. Motor is running in the wrong direction

Press and hold the button on the motor head (next to charging socket) until it jiggles, then release. Takes about 2 seconds. Direction should now be reversed.

4. The screen is working its way to one side as it goes up

Most likely, the screen has not been installed level and is gradually being pulled towards the lower side. Use a spirit level check the level.  You can adjust the level by sliding pieces of card between the board and ceiling surface. Once level, run the screen all the way down and give it some hand guidance to roll straight as it goes back up the first time.

If the steps above have not resolved an issue, please contact us for more information.

Cleaning the screen

This screen is made of clear flexible PVC.

It is strongly advised to only use mild soapy water and a clean soft non-abrasive cloth like microfiber to clean it. We suggest a mild amount of dish washing liquid and water in a spray bottle and rinse with water. Do not roll the screen up when damp as this will promote mould. DO NOT WET THE MOTOR, this will void the motors warranty.

The use of commercial chemical cleaners and alcohol are unsuitable as they can affect the transparency, clarity and flexibility of the material, as well as soften the surface making it easier to scratch. No warranty will be provided on screens that are discoloured, scratched, or that have changed in flexibility.

Note: While cleaning, it is ok to hold the bottom bar of the screen to stabilise it, but DO NOT pull down hard on it, as doing so may dislodge the screen from its mounting or damage the mounting.


Notwithstanding any statutory warranties as required by law, Virascreen will warrant this product against faulty materials or workmanship for a period of 12 months. This warranty excludes damage due to improper use or installation. Also excluded is discolouration, marks, scratches, or changes to the flexibility or flatness of the PVC material due to improper care or cleaning. Damage to the motor from fluid ingress will also not be covered by warranty.
See full Terms and Conditions here

Sneeze Guards

Virascreens sneeze and cough guards are an ideal solution to protect your staff and customers. 5mm Perspex with polished edges. Lightweight and easy to clean, these screens are easy to set up and move around to suit any environment.

Virascreens Sneeze Guards come in 2 sizes: 600mm (W) x 800mm (H) & 1200mm (W) x 800 (H)

600x800mm Sneeze Guard
1200x800mm Sneeze Guard