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Virascreens remote controlled, retractable barriers

Virascreens help protect you and your staff, by lowering the risk of infection through airborne droplets, the primary method of infection.

Virascreens is an easily installed, motorised, clear PVC barrier that can be raised and lowered as required, without leaving your reception desks and counters damaged by the installation of solid barriers like Perspex.

Available in 2 sizes (700x2400mm) & (1420x2400mm), Virascreens is the ideal protective barrier for medical centre and hospital receptions, government agencies, supermarkets, retail shops, take-away food counters and ordering areas. They also make ideal partitions between workers who may need to work in closer proximity than is desirable.

Virascreens use the latest coreless DC motor technology and are conveniently operated by a handheld remote control. They are rechargeable using internal Lithium-ion batteries, so do not require a permanent power source, and will generally only require recharging after 750 complete up/down cycles from a full charge.

There are many advantages to using Virascreens over solid Acrylic (or Perspex) barriers:

  • Virascreens can be raised or lowered as required, solid barriers are stationary.
  • Virascreens do not damage expensive counter surfaces and will leave the counter unmarked after the need for the barrier has passed.
  • Cost – with Perspex screens only 100x90cm often costing almost $500, Virascreens offers much greater and much more flexible coverage for the money. Not to mention the repair costs once the fixed Perspex screens are removed.
  • Because Virascreens are fixed to the ceiling, they still work well with curved and shaped counters that are difficult to attach a Perspex screen to.
  • Flexibility – Virascreens are made from flexible clear PVC with a weighted bottom bar that will bend or swing if bumped into, even with a solid bump. Whereas the likelihood of damaging a solid counter fixed barrier like Perspex is much higher.

Why Virascreen?

Unobtrusive – our quality screens are designed for ease of use and protection.

View our info page for installation, programming and care instructions. Please contact our team with any further enquires on 02 4302 1875 or email Virascreens here

Sneeze & Cough Guards

sneeze or cough screen guard for desks or counters

Sneeze Guards come in 2 sizes (600mmWx800mmH & 1200mmWx800mmH).

Virascreens sneeze and cough guards are an ideal solution to protect your staff and customers.

Lightweight and easy to clean, these screens are easy to set up and move around to suit any environment.